Experience LifeTown

LifeTown is a realistic indoor city designed specifically for children with special needs to have fun while practicing important life skills through role-play. Developed in consultation with parents of children with special needs, therapists, educators and professionals, LifeTown is a place where students can learn in a supportive, positive and structured environment.

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Huntington Bank

At the bank, students will enhance their financial literacy by learning how to deposit and withdraw funds. Each student receives $12 in real money to be used around LifeTown at the different venues to purchase goods and services.

At the end of each visit, students can deposit any remaining money in their “Savings Account” which can be withdrawn during their next visit for additional money.

Diamond Hill Library

Students can check out a book or magazine from the library using their LifeTown Library card, which they will sign up for during their first visit. They can use the library computers and iPads take a break from learning with some kid-friendly games. Or they can browse our selection of books to take home.

RITERUG Movie Theater

Students can visit the theater to watch a short film. The students have to budget their money for movie tickets, popcorn or other snacks.

The Big Studio

The Big Studio sponsored by Big Lots! is a special arts and crafts workshop where children learn and practice different art techniques. Students can purchase supplies to make a seasonal art project such as sand art, customized canvas gifts, coloring or bracelet making.

The Deli

At the Deli, students learn how to order, practice good restaurant manners and practice counting and making change.

The Salon

Students learn about personal hygiene, grooming and how to make and keep an appointment for a hair style or mini-manicure. In the Salon, the students can get a short massage in one of our massage chairs, get their nails done or get their hair styled.

The Village Park

Students can relax in the LifeTown Park and enjoy a snack from the Deli or a Snow Cone. Or they can rent a bike for a short ride and practice pedestrian and bike safety in a controlled environment with realistic traffic lights under the guidance of a Safety Officer.

Fit for Life Medical Center

Students can visit the medical receptionist to make an appointment with the LifeTown Doctor or Dentist.

The Dentist discusses good brushing practices and oral hygiene. He or she will also explain the tools and equipment in the office. The Doctor Volunteer will measure a student’s height and weight and present basic health and nutrition information.

LifeTown staff will insure that children understand that although many volunteers are medical or dental students, all medical concerns should be discussed with the child’s personal doctor or dentist.

The Marketplace

Students can work on budgeting their money by purchasing a variety of items from The Marketplace.

The Pet Place

At the Pet Place students can use their senses to explore and learn how to be gentle and care for animal. They can also learn about where animals live and what they eat during our daily Pet Talks. Students visit the Pet Place to look at, touch, hold, feed and learn about the animals. Volunteers are there to assist students in safely interacting with the pets.

Animals in our Pet Place include rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, parakeets, a turtle, a bearded dragon lizard and a snake!