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Life Skills Training for
Students with Disabilities

LifeTown Columbus

6220 E. Dublin Granville Rd,
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Phone: 614-939-0765.
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LifeTown is making a significant difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for making my own spirit soar!

Gordon Gee,
President, Ohio State University


A letter from our Teachers

Dear LifeTown
The Multiple Disabilities department from Ridgeview Middle School would like to thank you for giving children with special needs the opportunity to use LifeTown to promote independent living skills for children with special needs. Most of our children do not have a chance to be independent in their communities because they need individualized help. Life Town gave them opportunities to be independent in a safe environment.
Thank you, all volunteers – this program would not be available without your help.
Dear LifeTown
Special Education teachers, Ridgeview Middle School


Testimonials from our students

I appreciate to come to LifeTown. I like the pet shop because I could pet the rabbit-Emery Thank you for inviting us. It was fun to look around the place. My favorite was the bike rental -Laura
Greetings. Tank you for the time at LifeTown. I enjoyed going to the Pet Store. I really appreciated spending money. The people are always do friendly to me - Chuck
The hand massage made me feel great -Steven
I like the workshop. I like to make stuff -Danny
I liked the Library because I like to read - Kaitlyne


Testimonials from our volunteers during the 2014-2015 school year

Today we got to job explorations with High School students. I really enjoyed this because the students took their interviews so seriously. They were learning a wonderful life skill and I could see with each student the confidence they were building from doing the interviews. I feel so blessed to be able to volunteer here. I do believe I get almost as much as of my time here as the students. The whole concept of LifeTown is such a wonderful source for the children. A very bright moment in my week! -Bonnie Guller-Peck
This is my second year volunteering at LifeTown and its always a great experience to be able to come in and watch the kids smile are "priceless". I would not trade this for anything at all. It makes me humble and grateful that I can be part of the community. -Pila Manivong
The kids learn valuable lesson regarding the proper care of animals and being gentle with them. It teaches them to care for others and they truly seem to understand and appreciate it. –Joshua Adams
I was traffic officer for the day. The first student to cross the road stopped because the light was red. I explained to her that the light she was looking at was for cars/bikes and that she should look at the hand/person for her signal. She stopped/crossed correctly on her own the rest of the day. It was a good lesson for her and one of the good experiences for me on the day. – Justin Wren
There was a girl in a wheelchair who could not move. Her hands were turned in and it was hard to paint her nails. She said she never had her nails painted and today was her birthday. This was the only thing she wanted for her birthday. With the help of two aids and standing, I was able to paint her nails upside down. She was so thankful. – Amy Lewis
I love how the children respond to us. I've noticed how they repeat the positive comments we give them in the doctor's and dentist's offices. They feel pretty after manicures and love feeling touched (hand massages with lotion) in the salon. – Teresa Archer
The thing that stood out to me was when Sofie was in the dentist office and I overheard her mom and grandma say "This place is just great!" when they were sitting in the waiting room. Although this was a simple comment, having the parents and grandparents experience LifeTown and see the benefit first hand and make a heartfelt comment like this makes everything worth it. – David Hurley
I had so much fun interacting with the students today at the doctor's office.Being able to assist the students in scheduling and attending appointments will go a long way in preparing them for the real-world experiences.Seeing the joy on their faces made this volunteering opportunity unlike others.I'm looking forward to my next visit! – Jonathan Mullins.
I think this was a great experience for the kids as well as myself. These kids get to learn how things will be for them when they are older. For me, I really enjoyed seeing these kids get excited that they could pay for their own movie ticket and popcorn. It made me happy and excited for the kids. – Janae Sosebee
I observed some students trying to read their coupons with teacher's help. Many were encouraged to make eye contact when speaking with me. When they were non-verbal, encouragement was given to point out their choices. I encouraged them to interact with me – name, school, age, etc. and showed them to clean their places when done and push in their chairs. Great Day! – Mary Loochtan.
After working with the bike rental, I switched over to the deli. I was struggling to open a box of water bottles and finally gave up. As I was turning around to do something else, I heard a small voice behind me. I turned around and saw a small girl. She asked me if I needed help with opening the box. I said yes and she knelt down and managed to open after a couple of seconds. I was in awe that she had seen me struggling and got up from her meal just to help me. – Sophie
When I came here I didn't really know what to expect. I thought the facilities were beautiful and I loved how the volunteering was very hands on. A person who really touched me was CJ. CJ was wheelchair bound but he plays basketball. I took a special interest in him because even though we are considered "different" from each other, we had something in common. Although it took him two hours for me to prove to him that women played basketball, I still really had a great time with him. – Jurnee Agbowu
Markeiciya was a very funny young lady who made me laugh a lot. Her fun attitude made me more motivated to work with everyone else. All the kids seemed so happy which was wonderful to see. – Michael Persvoalikov
CJ was the highlight of my day. He constantly was riding around with an extremely positive attitude and making everyone laugh. He is one of the reasons I would want to come back. – Sydney Fallen
I loved painting the little girls' nails. Their faces lit up and loved getting to pick their own pretty color. As a volunteer, interacting with people, especially kids makes me feel like I am really helping. That's why I enjoy LifeTown. – Paige
I came simply working as a "doctor". I didn't expect to make a friend. Markeiciya came to make an appointment with our office and she immediately requested me as her doctor instead of my peer, Michael. We didn't have any other patients at the time, so both of us took her back to the office and gave her a full check up. She was laughing and joking with us. She took some stickers that she wanted to bring to her mom and move on to the next store. However, she was back quickly and we sat and talked. We took pictures, talked about school and then eventually she gave me her phone number and I gave her mine. She said that I'd been her favorite part of being at LifeTown. She spent the rest of her time in our office and when she finally left, she gave me the biggest hug and thanked me. – Elizabeth Johnson
I wasn't so sure what to expect at my first visit to LifeTown. My job was to manage the deli. I loved it so much! Everyone was so happy and kind. I loved talking with CJ. We has so much in common. Overall, I loved being here and I would love to come back. – Casey Gossett
Inspiring experience- rewarding and love what you are doing! – Lori Chistensen
My visit to LifeTown allowed me to pause and appreciate what I have and appreciate my family. I realized how fortunate I am and how important it is to give back to our community. – Joseph Acquista
Great interactions at "The Marketplace" with all the children. Their enthusiasm for understanding money and earning what they like is amazing! Thank you! – Christine Pokouilz
My visit with LifeTown was amazing! The students who visited were so cheery and curious. My favorite moments were after they visited the salon and loved the great hair styles and manicures. Nancy was well organized and a delight to volunteer with. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your moment! – Jonica Armstrong
I had the opportunity to meet one especially amazing you man today. He was probably 4 year old. I could not understand his name because of a combination of my poor hearing and his disability. That didn't matter. His smile was infectious. His demeanor was amazing and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I enjoyed watching have fun riding the bike. – Steve Flesher
Amazing experience interacting with children today. Made me appreciate all the teachers and parents who support them! – Susan Roper
I really enjoyed volunteering at LifeTown today. Interacting with the children at the Marketplace was very neat because they will have to make cash transactions in their everyday lives. It is sometimes difficult for our school group to volunteer at LifeTown because we have school when the children have school. However, I know we will make it a priority to come back again! – Emily Zawadzki
I had an excellent experience working in the library. Everything went smoothly. LifeTown is a great organization that does wonderful things. I t got crowded at times, but other than that everything went well and the kids were great. – Ryann Howard
While working at the movie theater, I really enjoyed interacting with the students and watching them think about what decisions they wanted to make. Do I want popcorn or twizzlers? Do I have enough money for both? – Caitlin Bergman
The progam at LifeTown is great at helping teach the kids life skills. The kids learn that they have to budget their money and may not be able to get everything they want. – Chuck Glover