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Life Skills Training for
Students with Disabilities

LifeTown Columbus

6220 E. Dublin Granville Rd,
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Phone: 614-939-0765.
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LifeTown is making a significant difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for making my own spirit soar!

Gordon Gee,
President, Ohio State University
Life Town for Schools

LifeTown for Schools

LifeTown offers a flexible learning environment for school children with disabilities in and around Columbus Ohio.
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Our goal to make sure we meet the needs of all students. Our Educational Director will work to make the learning experience the best it can be for your students.

Based upon experience we find that when students follow the building block approach to learning, they are able to demonstrate competencies in critical skill areas. Each lesson at LifeTown focuses on money management, math, socialization, communication and problem solving. The lessons involving job skills cover another range of important skills for the older student. With the multiple sessions students use the previous lessons as a springboard to the next. Many of the lessons, especially in the area of transition work skills, require multiple sessions within a given lesson. We have packaged the lessons in a way so that they promote the greatest potential for student growth. Throughout the year, new lessons will be developed and sent to all schools scheduled to use LifeTown.

How LifeTown works with Columbus City Schools

Columbus City Schools utilizes a building block curriculum, consisting of up to 6 modules (20 lessons), that has been specifically designed to target the skills in their IEP to achieve the following:

  • LifeTown participants build individual mastery within the lessons that are practiced at LifeTown in order to generalize these skills to the students own community
  • LifeTown participants increase specific educational goals that are directly tied to the students IEP in the area of money management, problem solving, and self-advocacy
  • LifeTown participants increase communication, social skills and self esteem

Teacher Training

Teachers attend an orientation in the beginning of school year. Lessons are explained and teachers can book their visits at that time.

Teacher Involvement

LifeTown educational director works with the teacher to choose lessons that match their curriculum .We can adapt lessons to suit the needs of each particular classroom or individual. The lessons are given to the teacher in advance so the class can be prepared for their visit.

Independence High School visit to LifeTown - meets with their mentors (1/22/16)