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Life Skills Training for
Students with Disabilities

LifeTown Columbus

6220 E. Dublin Granville Rd,
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Phone: 614-939-0765.
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LifeTown is making a significant difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for making my own spirit soar!

Gordon Gee,
President, Ohio State University
About Lifetown

About LifeTown

  • LifeTown is a realistic indoor city designed specifically for children with special needs to have fun while practicing important life skills through role-play
  • LifeTown was developed in consultation with parents of children with special needs, therapists, educators and professionals
  • Students learn in a supportive, positive and structured environment
  • Volunteers staff Life Town and have a sincere desire to help the students succeed
  • Through targeted lessons the students learn and practice important life skills
  • Students learn safety skills by walking through the city with working traffic lights and a volunteer safety officer
  • Older students learn employment skills though job exploration, job interviews and on the job training at LifeTown.
  • Socialization takes place in a supportive, friendly environment Students benefit with each visit to Life Town where they can reinforce classroom lessons with hands on experiences
  • Lessons can be customized for every students learning needs

2016 Year in Review

To learn more about LifeTown, please contact us at 614.939.0765 or

The Diamond Hill Capital Management Library

Students can check out a book or magazine from the Life Town Library and relax on a bench in the LifeTown Park. They can use the library computer to conduct research on a topic of interest such as a pet that they saw in the Pet Shop. They can print out the information to take home and share with their friends and family as they discuss their visit to Life Town.

The LifeTown Library will occasionally host a guest reader on a book that is intentionally selected for the students visiting Life Town on that day. Computers are available for research.

The Pet Place

The Pet Place is fully stocked with fish, birds and animals to touch such as hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. The students can feed the animals, learn about the animals, and even hold the animals during their visit to the Pet Place. Students typically enjoy making several visits to the Pet Place during their lesson.

The Huntington Bank

Students can enhance their financial literacy during their visit to Life Town by learning how to deposit funds and withdraw funds.

Hair Salon

Students learn about personal hygiene and grooming and how to make and keep an appointment for a hair styling or a mini-manicure at the hair salon by calling in advance or stopping in to schedule an appointment during their visit to LifeTown.

The RiteRug Theater

Students can visit the Life Town Theater to watch a movie or television show. The marquis and showing times can be customized for the visiting group. The feature can be selected by LifeTown or supplied by the visiting group. Two showings are usually offered per lesson.

The Big Lots Art Studio

The Big Lots Art Studio is a special arts and crafts workshop where children will gather to learn and practice a wide variety of art techniques. Reservations for the The Big Lots Art Studio are made in advance of a visit.

Pedestrian and Bike Safety Program

Students can practice pedestrian safety in a controlled environment. A volunteer serves as a safety officer.

Fit for Life Medical Center

Students can make appointments with the LifeTown Doctor or Dentist to learn healthy practices. The Dentist will discuss good brushing practices and oral hygiene. He or she will also explain the tools and equipment in the office.

The Doctor will measure a child's height and weight and present basic health and nutrition information.

LifeTown staff will insure that children understand that all medical concerns should be discussed with the child's personal Doctor or Dentist.

The MarketPlace and LifeTown Park

Students can relax in the LifeTown park and enhance their financial literacy skills by purchasing a variety of items including toys and trinkets from the MarketPlace.

The Deli

Students practice etiquette and money exchange by order and enjoy healthy snacks.