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Life Skills Training for
Students with Disabilities

LifeTown Columbus

6220 E. Dublin Granville Rd,
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Phone: 614-939-0765.
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LifeTown is making a significant difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for making my own spirit soar!

Gordon Gee,
President, Ohio State University
  • LifeTown (Columbus OH) is a unique interactive world where children with special needs have fun while they practice important life skills through role play.
  • At LifeTown children with disabilities find a place that has been specifically designed to meet their needs.
  • Through role-play, they practice important life skills, such as making and keeping appointments, visiting the library, banking, shopping or even applying for jobs.
  • LifeTown is more than a community center or therapeutic facility. It is a house of friendship.
  • Our caring and supportive volunteers are the key to the success of LifeTown. By role-playing the various positions within LifeTown, volunteers allow the students who visit to practice everyday functions and interactions in a safe and controlled environment as they make the transition from classroom lessons to the real world experience.

Arlene Raya and Esther Kaltmann share the LifeTown story on Daytime Columbus

Help kids with special needs learn to navigate the world around them at LifeTown Columbus.

Posted by Daytime Columbus on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Volunteering Opportunities

LifeTown for Columbus Schools

Volunteering Opportunities LifeTown for Columbus Schools

From banker to librarian, safety officer to doctor, manicurist to ice cream seller adult volunteers play important roles to help students to transition to the great, big world out there.

Find out how your special needs students can achieve specific educational goals that are directly tied to the students IEP in the area of money management, problem solving, and self-advocacy.

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